Saturday 23 May 2015

Lord Commissar Cheese

Said 'A' to 'B', "I don't like 'C', his manners are a lack.  For all I ever see of 'C' is a semi circular back"

A bit of touching up and my third, cheesy Flyrant is finished.  I was never really stoked by the standard Flyrant pose, even though I love the model.  It suggests the beast gliding over the battlefield like some sort of demonic valkyrie, but most of the time you can only see its back during a game and have to crouch down for a closer look at the business end.

So I converted Swarmy with his arms thrown back, allowing me to fully appreciate his ghastly smile.  Even this wasn't ideal and several opponents commented that he looked like he was getting shot rather than displaying his manliness.

The Dakka Flryant. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every monkeychuka in the room, accept no substitutes*
*your mileage may vary depending on codex used, play style, strength of enemy armour and dice rolls.

Damn.  I want my flyrants to be pouncing, not gliding or flapping.  So Commissar Cheese is an attempt to address that.  I even added a couple of hapless Imperials to make it absolutely clear.

Trooper Septimus Clegg survived this fateful encounter and went on to become the most decorated Scion of his regiment, rising to the rank of Tempestor Prime.  In the years to come, he always instructed his batman to pack an extra set of undergarments in the field kit.  Subordinates would often intone (out of earshot) that 'he shat himself for The Emperor'.

Having played 3 Flyrants in a tournament I now think its the only way to run them.  But the 40k arms race continues apace and I'm sure people will just take more Imperial Knights until the game devolves into a grimdark version of Pacific Rim.


 I suppose I could build and paint another two Flyrants and run all 5 in a Hive Fleet Detachment plus CAD.  But I wish to retain my sanity so I think 3 is the limit for me.

To be honest I might have burned myself out on this one and I need to take a break.  It was converted and painted in 2 weeks at the same time as the Mucolids.  I pretty much did nothing else except go to work and sleep in the fortnight running up to Maelstrom VIII.  Time to do something else, less taxing, for a while.  I hear the siren call of video games beckoning me again...


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