Sunday, 11 August 2013

For shame!

I play Grey Knights. There, I said it.  To my eternal shame I play the Daemon Hunters.  I play them for all the wrong reasons too.  My first encounter with them was against Alistair who had bought the 5th edition codex along with some Paladins, Purifiers and Kaldor Draigo.  I think about 10 of them 'cleansed' my entire army in a game.  Having tried out a few combinations and being a generally decent fellow,  Alistair decided that Grey Knights were filth and promptly sold his burgeoning army.

Psycannons for everyone!  I freely admit, I have a problem.

I bought them from him.  I tell myself that this was because I was unused to playing MEQ armies and had trouble with a lot of rules, especially vehicles which Nids don't get.  The truth is, I just wanted to thrash someone.  I'd seen all those dirty lists on the internet spamming razorbacks and psyfleman dreads and I wanted a piece of the action.  I converted some starter set dreadnoughts, painted them silver and prepared to kerb stomp some poor, unsuspecting fool.  I got my just rewards by losing every game.  So I boxed the army up with the firm intention of burying them at the bottom of the garden, never to see the light of day.  A bit like all those copies of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600 buried in the New Mexico desert.  I even hated the fluff, truth be told.  I thought that the Ordo Malleus were a bunch of jack-booted, Masonic Nazis from an Orwellian 'Ministry of Love'.   Luckily, someone lent me a copy of 'Ravenor' by Dan Abnett and I changed my mind.  Members of The Inquisition could be radicals and (un)sanctioned psykers fell through the cracks in the system.  Wheelchair bound detective Ravenor was kick-ass.  I also found Grey Knights easy to paint and a refreshing break from the dozens of failed Nid colour schemes I had attempted.  I painted Draigo in about 3 sessions and was very pleased with him (even if he does remind me of Fagin from Oliver Twist)

You've got to pick a pocket or twooooo!

Anyway, I'm rambling.  I haven't even looked at my Nid models since Call To Arms and wanted to play around with something completely different.  I have bought a much maligned Dreadknight. I'm very dubious of the whole 'baby carrier' thing. However, I have made it my mission in life to try and make him look cool.

Lets boogie!

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