Wednesday 4 December 2013

Nailed it

I resolved the wobbly model syndrome on my Ghost Ark by nailing some sense into the flight stand:

Best thing the Romans ever did for us
Trouble is, the model is so awkward and delicate that bits keep falling off.  I really will have to stop playing with it (as in driving it past the Grey Knights on the shelf, humming 'Gansta's Paradise' and making pew-pew noises).  I sorely wish I hadn't glued the gun emplacements too.  I could have folded the gauss flayer's up into the stanchions when not in use and made it much less likely to snap them off in transit.  The model would also have taken up less space.   The Wraiths are a nightmare to transport as well.  Those whip coils are horribly fragile. However, I managed to solve all my storage and transport problems with cut up foam.

Look at him in his cute little bed.  Aawww.

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