Sunday, 4 May 2014

FireStorm In doubt

Having just finished painting my HiveStorm Redoubt, I'll probably drop it from my list.  I've won most of my games whilst using the fortification which, given my skill level, probably means its overpowered and broken.  Or possibly I've just been lucky.  

I've discovered recently that Twin Linking and being able to re-roll stuff in general tends to make you 'luckier'. Taken with 2 Flyrants and a couple of Crones, it has definitely given me an edge in terms of air superiority.  Its also armour 14 all round which probably isn't the intention for Tyranids. Using Void Shields is also stretching it a bit.  There is something comforting about having such a robust firebase and synapse enhancer.  However, it still gets blown up fairly easily by a multitude of different weapons (notwithstanding terrible rolling by Obliterators and Weird Boys). And when it goes 'kaboom', it does it in style, more or less killing everything inside and on the battlements.  I'm not sure its a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket, especially when it means that your entire backfield synapse bubble just disappeared in the detonation.  Can't be any worse than a poxy 6th Ed. Tervigon I suppose.

Anyway, GW will probably rule that Nids can't take fortifications in the forthcoming 7th Ed release (assuming the rumours are true) since they haven't made the appropriate models for them.  Also, I was thinking of attending the Call To Arms tournament this year and they have banned Escalation and Stronghold Assault.  So, its probably down to Aegis Defence Lines for me in future.  Which is okay because it gives me something else to paint and I've just built a cool looking Comms Relay.

I quite like the way that my Chaos Black primer spray melted the model and I'm going to try the same method on some pieces of terrain I've got.

The rear of the building tends to become a bit of a parking lot for Biovores, Venomthropes and Zoanthropes.  I shamelessly hide mine from view.

I got the chance to compare it to an actual Firestorm Redoubt at Chris's house last week and the dimensions are almost spot on.  Obviously my 'Quad Icarus Lascannons' are completely different but none of my opponents seem to mind as long as I measure line of sight and range from the base of the tentacles.


  1. I love this, it's nothing like what I would do but I can't help wish it was. The sphincter doors are just so wrong, they make mine look normal. The choice to spray the foam was a gamble but it has paid off and the pink fleshy bits on the two towers goes quite some way to stop that 'flower pot' look it originally had.

    I love the way the Chitin plates transition into the main bunker but looking at them I could imagine that if they were detachable they'd have made great Void Shield Generators, but given your post I imagine that's something you're not likely to be too bothered about.

    You're right about twin-linking but given so many other armies have that within their lists I'll take what I can get to go toe to toe. I hope you continue to use it where appropriate and don't even speculate on us losing fortifications, I'll march on GW HQ if they do, I know where it is ;)

    1. Thanks, I wish I had your Skyshield tho. I meant Stronghold rather than fortifications in general so I think your excellent conversions are safe ;-) If you're winning Throne of Skulls with them, they'd better be!