Saturday 10 May 2014

Warriors, come out to plaaay

Ok, I'm glad I didn't convert all of my Warriors into Biovores.  These were the only painted ones left:


I reinstated them with Devourers and slapped a new paint job on.  Removing the mold lines was too much of a chore so I just tried to position the models so they don't show up in the picture.


They were resurrected, not because I've changed my mind about Warriors or bought a new kit.  No, I just need more backfield scoring synapse. Tervigons, along with Primes in a gaunt blob, got nerfed so hard that it makes Warriors viable now.  I said I wasn't going to keep hating on the new codex so thats all I've got to say about that.  I kept the Barbed Strangler because the chance to pin something 36" away is worth it for 10 points.  Maybe.  I haven't actually managed to do it yet so who knows?  I'm not pulling the fricking arms off another one, so it will have to do.

I forgot to paint his tongue but since he's already dropped from my list, bollocks to it.

My 3rd Biovore conversion is finished and as the "Law of Sod" dictates, I'm no longer playing 3 Biovores in my list.  They just haven't been consistently great in my games yet.  Good against Imperial Guard and Orks, not so good against power armoured armies, I haven't tested them against Tau or Eldar.  My spore mines are consistently killed to overwatch and every opponent I play seems to interpret the rules differently.  Its not really clear in the codex and I find that annoying.  I keep trying to squeeze 2 Carnifexes in my heavy support slots instead.  The Dakkafex always seem to be effective in some capacity and not just situational.  Ah well, I'm still having fun games with 6th Ed Nids so can't really complain.

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