Sunday, 8 February 2015

Charlie's Angels

The Shrikes are finished and I finally have a 'winged host'.  Well, actually, I don't have any sky slasher swarms and come to think of it they aren't troops anyway, so it would be impossible to field a fully winged, battle forged, Tyranid army.  The fast attack slots would be a bit crowded too.

Good morning, Angels

They took a bloody age to paint and I got a bit carried away with the bases, but I'm pleased with the results.  I'd forgotten what a pain in the arse it is to paint wings.  God forbid I ever want six or nine of these things.  The cost in Vargheist parts alone would render me bankrupt.

I think this one is Farah Fawcett
The 'face mask' was an idea I stole from Bloodtyrant over on TTH.  A really clever little conversion using gaunt shoulder pads and a bit of green stuff.  You can see how he made it here .

Her chin spike has a straw in it, allowing her to feed.

The finished models are quite large (these are on 50mm bases). They tower over normal warriors; about twice as tall.  Of course, whilst this might be aesthetically pleasing, it basically means they die more easily in games.  You must suffer for your art.

Raziel, you are worthy...
Not sure what to tackle next.  I could start building/painting the humongous backlog of Nids.  Or I could pick up the Necrons again. The more I read the new codex, the better it looks. I think I'll let the dice gods decide and stage a fight between 3 Shrikes and 3 Canoptek Wraiths.  Winning army stays on the painting table.


  1. And I was going to make the Deathstorm set as the ones from the campaign, now I want to do this!

    1. Have you finished the Beast of Phodia yet? That one was looking good. Scratch that, finish Deathleaper first.

  2. These are gorgeous - some of the most dynamic nids I've ever seen. Love the mask too.

    1. I was really trying to suggest movement here so I appreciate the comment :)