Wednesday 18 February 2015


Canoptek Wraiths are now even more OP with the release of the new Necron codex.  Therefore it is necessary to spam the shit out of them.  Unfortunately I only have 9 of the models and 3 of those are the old metal versions (I call them Wraithlings).  They're about half the size of the newer plastic and look stupid when mixed in a unit.  Plus, they don't have whip coils.  However, needs must as the devil drives...

To be honest, I painted them to try out some new products.  I can only field 6 Wraiths in a 'Canoptek Harvest' formation and I don't have enough Spyders to field 2 Canoptek Harvests.  I'm not even sure you can use two in a 'Decurion' detachment.  Its all very confusing for someone who just likes blowing up toy soldiers.  I have to admit that I got my army list composition completely wrong on my first couple of attempts and ended up letting Battlescribe work it out for me.  Thank the Star Gods for Battlescribe.

I suppose I could just revert to a normal combined arms detachment but you need a bloody good reason not to want the command benefits and formation special rules of a Decurion.  Anyway, enough of that nonsense.  On to the products.  The real reason I painted them was because I wanted to try out AK's Heavy Chipping Acrylic Fluid and GW's Agrellan Earth technical paint.  And I wanted to do it fairly quickly on models that I didn't really care about and could be dropped in paint stripper if it all turned to custard.

In the end I was very pleased with the Agrellan Earth. I pinched the idea from Tripwire who had already pinched the idea of yellow Necrons from me so I guess that makes us even (although he paints better, the git).  It is piss easy to use and produces a neat effect.  I put a wash of Earthshade over the dried coat and then drybrushed with Tallarn Sand but you probably don't need to.  The finish is a bit crumbly though, so I thought a wash would 'bind' it together more.  Maybe I should use matt varnish just to be sure.

You only need one coat and it neatly covers the hideous nature of my old 'emerald green' bases.  In fact I'm even more pleased with the Necron Warrior I tried it out on next.  The Wraiths were already based with a sand mixture which made the cracks in the paint much smaller.  The flatter texture of the Warrior base makes for a more 'chunky' look.  I now feel confident enough to rebase the entire army without losing my mind.  (Still not doing it on the Nids though.  No way, mate.)

The Heavy Chipping Fluid I'm less happy with.  I didn't use an airbrush, as per instructions, so maybe thats why it didn't work.  I had to put 5 coats over the top of it before the paint stopped reacting with the chipping fluid and going all icky.  The 'cocktail stick delicately dipped in water' method of distressing the paint didn't work at all.  I used a nail in the end.  I figured that the model was made of metal anyway and the effect I was going for was metal showing through the paint. So I just gouged it out.  I don't think I'll be using Heavy Chipping fluid again but nothing ventured, nothing gained and I still love AK's Light Rust weathering effects which were also applied to the Wraithlings.

I suppose I'll have to finally paint my Tomb Blades now.  Aside from the fact that they are a mandatory inclusion in a Decurion detachment, they are ridiculously cheaper than their previous incarnation.   A kitted out Tomb Blade in this edition with Shadowloom, Particle Beamer and Shield Vanes costs 23 points.  In the old codex that would set you back 50 points.  Nebuloscopes (now a measly 1 point) give you 'ignores cover' rather than BS5 but you can easily get BS5 for free by putting your Tomb Blades near a Triarch Stalker.  Madness, I tell you.  Its like the exact opposite of the reaction I had whilst reading the new Tyranid Codex last year.  The more I read it, the more interesting and joyful the experience becomes.  I am a whore.


  1. 1. Thanks for the shout out! If we're not careful all of this circular stealing will cause a feedback loop.

    2. Where the hell did you get tomb blades?! They are sold out absolutely EVERYWHERE now that they don't suck, and are needed to make the reclamation legion (and therefore, the decurion detachment)

    1. No problem. I've had the Tomb Blades for ages. I always liked the model but never got round to the actual painting part. Having made them more or less auto-include in this edition, you'd think GW would have put a few more kits out. I'm sure they're in the pipeline.