Sunday 1 February 2015

Shrikes WIP

For someone who professes to dislike Tyranid Warriors, I seem to build and paint enough of them.  

The latest batch are from the Deathstorm box which I only bought for the Spawn of Cryptus, so I fully expected them to stay on the sprue forever.  I had considered making Shrikes but was vaguely holding out for Forgeworld to reinstate their resin wing conversion kit.  Of course, that may never happen so the Warriors were stuffed in a box somewhere amongst my growing collection of unfinished guilt trips.

But Alistair had other ideas and gifted me a set of Vargheist wings a couple of weeks ago.  Just enough to kitbash all three Warriors.  Coincidence?  It must have been. I hadn't mentioned it to him, but Alistair seems to have an uncanny knack of knowing what I want to convert before I do.  Its quite worrying really.  Once I started, I really got into it and the new, larger bases (50mm as opposed to normal 40mm) allow for more of a display to be built.  I don't hate the new base sizes but I'm definitely not going to re-base my entire army.  There is just no way thats ever going to happen.  Unfortunately, it raises the problem of what to do with new models.  I might buy more Necron warriors at some point and having a mixture of 25mm and 32mm bases will look awful.  I guess I'd just have to buy 25mm bases separately.

Anyway, I got some interesting poses out of my free wings although one set appeared to contain two right arms.  I wasn't about to start complaining since they were free and all but it did seem odd.  Nevertheless, I checked the GW site and two 'right' arms are actually left + right, just put together in a weird way.  I guess the bases in WFB must fit snugly together during a game to represent rank and file, so they have to tuck the wings in.


  1. Looking good mate, you certainly acheived a great sense of movement here.

    I found the same problem when i did mine, Its a bit off putting until you look at the GW offical pics.

    1. Yeah I had to view the 360 on GW's site to figure out what the hell was going on.