Sunday, 22 February 2015


Meanwhile, back in the warm, uterine embrace of the Hive Mind, more servants of The Great Devourer have been spawned.  

The Neurothrope is a new unit which sort of replaces the Doom of Malantai.  Except not really.  In fact, just about the only similarities between them are that their special power happens to be called Spirit Leech and they both have big heads.  But I was never expecting the Doom to make a comeback anyway and the Neurothrope is a nice little tip of the hat to the old fella.

The venomthrope is presumably remodeled in plastic to replace the old failcast.  And a fine replacement it is too. 
Not sure I'm ever going to use the Neuro or Venom in games. I mainly used the 'thropes in singles either to add cover or as a synaptic link.  Then Forgeworld introduced the Malanthrope with does both of these jobs, has T5, 4 wounds, regeneration and only costs 85pts.  I haven't taken any other kind of elite units since.

Still, who doesn't want a Zoanthrope with his spine sticking out of the back of his head?  I mean how awesome is that?  And the Venom is just mint.  I had to own one, there was never any question about it.


  1. What are you using on your carapaces?! They have a perfect level of shine that looks like it's not too glossy.

    1. Liquitex glazing medium mixed with water and Reikland Fleshshade. I mix by eye so don't ask for ratios but it looks a bit milky when ready. If i bugger it up I coat the whole thing with Lahmian medium which turns it all matte and start again.

    2. is this the stuff you're talking about? I see something with a similar name, but it's $38 a bottle!