Thursday 21 May 2015

Floaty Balls of Death

More like Flimsy Balloons of Derp when they deepstrike mishap, but they're cheap and cheerful and fun to play.  This was my first attempt at sculpting with Milliput.  I can safely say that the stuff is hard wearing, given the number of times I dropped them during the tournament.  I did bolster the tentacles with 1mm brass rods, so that must have helped.

I found Milliput less versatile than Green/Grey stuff.  Trying to get a smooth, consistent finish was difficult.  It doesn't hold it's shape as well as epoxy resin when its still wet.  On the other hand, when I tried to reposition a tentacle which was nearly dry, I snapped it.  I guess I just need more practice but I wasn't particularly happy with the finished result.

I was also rushing to finish and converting/painting a Flyrant at the same time (which wasn't complete when I went to Maelstrom VIII, but nobody noticed. ha ha!).  Not a good time to start experimenting.  Anyway, they're done now.  I just need to weight the bases to make them more stable.

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