Thursday 7 May 2015

Rip me a new one

Nine more ripper bases finished.  All thirty seven of the little bastards are done.  I'll be taking a total of fifteen bases to Maelstrom which is nice and fluffy. I should enjoy running hordes of little feeder organisms around, true to the Tyranid lore. My opponents will enjoy burning them in great swathes of cleansing fire.  I think the striated effect works really well on this type of model, making them look very busy and swarmish. And they only took a couple (or three) evenings to paint.

Less fluffy is the third Flyrant I intend to bring.  I had a hard time rationalising three Hive Tyrants in one list.  (I'm totally over the guilt of taking two. The second one is just Swarmy in diguise).  The name "Tyrant" itself would seem to indicate that you only have a single, supreme commander in your army who's word is law. Three of them would surely start bickering and possibly try to decapitate one another.  Ok, the Hive Mind would override their independent will, forcing them to work in concert but then that just makes three inefficient from a certain perspective.

So, the other night, The Hive Mind laid it on the line for me.

"You're such a shit general that I'm sending you a third Flyrant." it said.  "Think of him as a sort of Lord Commissar.  My personal envoy, dispatched to make sure you get the job done properly this time.  If you f**k it up again, there will be consequences."

It might seem a bit odd to have an internal conversation with a totally fictitious alien overmind, but it helps me get through the drudgery of painting the same model thirty seven times.

I shall name him Cheese.  Lord Commissar Cheese.


  1. These look cool, I've enough to make another 6 or 8 bases to add to my existing 4. I can't bring myself to make them as I wanted them on more interesting bases, bits of slate, variety in height etc. However, the handy little base that comes attached to the tale makes that a little harder to resolve. I also want to paint them separately so i can get in all the nooks and crannies. This again makes the basing problematic.

    Maybe I should just make them up, it's not like they're actually worth it. I know they have their uses and can be nifty but really they're overpriced and underpowered, well, in relation to Scarabs at least.

    1. Yeah I tend not to waste too much time on the gribblies and focus on the bigger models. Rippers are still fairly cheap troops which can deep strike and don't need babysitting so they have their role.

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    1. Could've been worse. 9 Forgeworld bases would probably have tipped me over the edge.